We're on a journey to hunt down the most extraordinary experiences, test our relationship against the world and search for the secret to a happy life.

We left our 9 to 5 jobs, downsized from a house to a motorbike, and are currently travelling by land and sea through 21 countries, hunting down the world’s most inspiring humans.


We reckon that if we survive this trip, we will have woven a fabric of memories that will last a lifetime, and created an environment for our future kids to be the best version of themselves.

Parents in training...




Adventurer, entrepreneur and CEO. Has travelled over 500,000kms by

land and sea.

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Being outside. All the time.

Plus anything that generates adrenaline.




Totem Animal

Thinks he's an Orca

(is actually a brown labrador)

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Adventuring novice soon to discover what she's in for. A gun at digital strategy, a professional dancer and a visual artist.

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Crafts, karaoke

and being cosy indoors



Anything that generates adrenalin

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"Some wanky quote about adventure"

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We are gearing up to have kids one day soon and we want to show them (not just tell them) that life is one big adventure, that anything is possible and most importantly, that their parents used to be totally badass.

The world is changing. Maybe our kids will never get to see the brightly coloured coral of the Pacific Ocean, or marvel at the ice capped mountains in Canada, or visit remote villages in Cambodia, or even get lost in the bush without Google Maps guiding the way out! So we figure it would be nice to show them the world how we once saw it, because we think its pretty rad.

So kids if you’re seeing this, this adventure and these videos, its all for you!

Much love, Mum and Dad

(Amelia and Steve)


Starting from beautiful Bondi Beach we hit the dirt and take an unconventional route via 21 countries on some seriously unchartered terrain around the Pacific Rim on one motorbike and over 15 boats.

From Australia through South-East Asia, Eastern China and right up to Far Eastern Russia we will jump a boat to Alaska, nip up to the Arctic Ocean before zipping across to New York. NEVER FLYING A PLANE!

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"Steve Crombie is one of the last

true adventurers"

- Dick Smith


As a former professional adventurer for more than 10 years, Steve Crombie has done his fair share of intrepid travel. Discover some of his most famous adventures here.

Lost On Earth

Australia to Arctic Circle

90,000 kilometre, two year adventure from Australia to the Arctic Circle via South America. Suffered from dehydration, starvation and disease. Rebuilt motorcycle four times.


Memories: Waking up behind iron bars in Tierra Del Fuego; traversing the length of the Amazon with a 260-kilogram motorcycle in tow; evading pumas in Guyana; skimming across the Caribbean on a yacht with wanted criminals; dodging bullets in Nicaragua and finally paddling a few laps in the Arctic Ocean.


Adrenaline rush adventure through the Americas turning a dream of following the road less travelled into a reality.

Enfields of Green

China to India

Journey from the Himalayas to the southern tip of India and back circumnavigating 3/4 of the continent. Riding out of Delhi was like cruising down a the inside of a 70-year-old Saddhu’s large intestine. A seething mass of suspicious shit slid past as we bumped and squeezed out of town on the back of a 500cc Royal Enfield Machismo, and, just like a colon, the light at the end of the tunnel is much further away than you think.


For the first time in my life I was totally unprepared. The was to ride the length of India from top to bottom in 12 weeks.

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