We want to show our future children that life is one big adventure, that anything is possible and most importantly, that their parents used to be kinda cool.

We don't have kids yet, but we can't wait to.


But the world is changing. Maybe our kids will never get to see the brightly coloured coral of the Pacific Ocean, or marvel at the ice capped mountains in Canada, or visit remote villages in Cambodia, or even get lost in the bush without Google Maps guiding the way out! So we figure it would be nice to show them the world how we once saw it, because we think its pretty rad.


Dear kids,


We're Steve and Amelia, your future parents. You haven’t been born yet, but this is for you.


We left our 9-5 jobs, sold everything we own, and we’re travelling by motorbike and boat from Sydney, Australia to New York, without a plane.


We’re going on this adventure to chase the highs and ride the lows of life, to test ourselves as a team and prove that we are ready to be your parents forever.


We want to show you that life can be whatever you make it, that you have the power to overcome anything you set mind to and - that once upon a time, your parents used to be kinda cool.


So, kids, we would like to welcome you to - The Extreme Life.


Much love. Mum and Dad.