"Steve Crombie is one of the last

true adventurers"

- Dick Smith


As a professional adventurer for more than 10 years, Steve Crombie has done his fair share of intrepid travel. Discover some of his most famous adventures here.


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Lost On Earth

Australia to Arctic Circle

Dec 2003 to Oct 2005

A 90,000 kilometre, two year adventure from Australia to the Arctic Circle via South America. Suffered from dehydration, starvation and disease. Rebuilt motorcycle four times.

Memories: Waking up behind iron bars in Tierra Del Fuego; traversing the length of the Amazon with a 260-kilogram motorcycle in tow; evading pumas in Guyana; skimming across the Caribbean on a yacht with wanted criminals; dodging bullets in Nicaragua and finally paddling a few laps in the Arctic Ocean.

Adrenaline rush adventure through the Americas turning a dream of following the road less travelled into a reality.

Natural Born Traveller - The Great Divide


Jan 2008 - February 2008

An 8,000km, motorcycle journey along one of Australia's most beautiful landscapes - The Great Dividing Range; for Discovery Channel. The remote and picturesque mountain range is home to crazy characters; with world class climbing, caving, fishing, skiing and white water rafting. I got nude with the unofficial mayor of Nimbin, Michael Balderstone; rode bulls with two time World Bullriding Champion, Troy Dunn, and caught snakes with Jim the Snakeman. 

Moventure of a Gentleman

The Pilbara, Western Australia

Oct 2011 – Oct 2011

In partnership with Movember I embarked on a unique and testing journey into the desolate Pilbara region of Western Australia with no food, no water and no shelter for 10 days. My challenge was to find my way out of the desert, equipped only with my wits, athree piece suit and fist sized box for some survival gear. Inspired by Movember’s theme of the year; Country Gentleman, and the dapper fashions of pioneering explorers, I was challenged to behave and dress like a gent throughout and survive the process. It was a great adventure. I didn’t get any food until the 4th day, navigated over 100kms using only the sun and learnt a shitload about survival in a location known to have the hottest average mean temperature on earth - and I got to learn from one of the top 5 survival teachers in the world, Bob Cooper.

By The Seat Of My Pants 

Singapore to Sydney  
Dec 2009 – Mar 2010

An adventure from Singapore to Sydney with no preparation or cash. I stepped onto the plane with a one way ticket, a backpack and a suit. After attending Asian Television Awards in Singapore (nominated for three; won best HD documentary for Lonely Planets Natural Born Traveller) I sent the suit home and travelled with only a 35litre backpack by bus, boat, motorbike, bullock and my thumbs (hitchhiking); from Singapore to Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa and Sumba - where I caught dengue fever. From here I self evacuated (by plane) to Darwin Hospital. After a week in the infectious diseases unit and a little recovery time I hit the road again. I picked up my custom built Lost On... Yamaha WR250R motorcycle and rode from Darwin to Sydney (85% offroad) - including an unsupported solo traverse west to east along the French Line of The Simpson Desert.

Enfields of Green

Nov 2008 – Feb 2009

A journey from the Himalayas to the southern tip of India and back circumnavigating 3/4 of the continent. Riding out of Delhi was like cruising down a the inside of a 70-year-old Saddhu’s large intestine. A seething mass of suspicious shit slid past as we bumped and squeezed out of town on the back of a 500cc Royal Enfield Machismo, and, just like a colon, the light at the end of the tunnel is much further away than you think. 

Into The Amazon

South America 
Jun 1999 – Dec 1999

Starting in Chile, I continued through Bolivia and Peru, travelling in a home made canoe up the Amazon River with a second hand engine (with 3 Israelis and a Swiss guy who I had known for 3 days). We started near the source of the Amazon River in Shintuya, Peru and ended in Belem, Brazil. I caught amoebic dysentary, speared a caiman (by invitation from an indigenous native), and watched one of my friends get arrested by the police for the murder of another friend). By far one of the most eye opening experiences of my life as a 19year old. From Belem, I cruised down the Brazillian coastline learning the art of Capoeira before flying home from Rio de Janeiro.

Thailand to Sydney

Thailand to Sydney 
Mar 1997 – Sep 1997

After leaving school at 17, I travelled to Perth and joined the Lennon Bros Circus.I traveled along the inland road to Broome. Here I saved some pennies and flew to Thailand where I begun my first ever intercontinental overland adventure at the age of 18 with my brother Mike. Over six months we travelled by land and sea from Thailand, through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia where we flew from Bali to Cairns and continued down the coast to Sydney. We walked with our backpacks all the way home. My life was never the same again. Love you bro!

Land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand
Dec 1993 – Feb 1994

For some strange reason, at the age of 14 my mum let me go on an adventure to New Zealand with my best mate at the time Chris Gooding. We travelled solo around the north island visiting his relatives. In this time, I got dragged behind a car at over 100kms an hour on my rollerblades (later that week the cops came to give us a $2000 fine but we had already moved onto the next city), got the rudest undercut ever, landed on top of Chris with an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) - he got four haemoatomas in his leg, and lost my virginity - never trust a 14yr old kid on his own on holidays.