An adventure is only worth it if you survive to tell the tale

First Aid, Survival and Health

Survival on and off the road is pretty easy with a little of preparation and planning. The will to live will get you out of almost any situation. Coupled with a decent understanding of your environment and a good kit.


Regardless of your destination whether you are traveling in your own country or around the world, your ability to be self sufficient and responsive to any condition will assure your survival. The items mentioned here are recommendations to make your journey a little more comfortable.


Purchasing the right equipment is confusing and expensive, it pays to look around at different brands. Some companies are specialists at manufacturing certain products while other produce are just satisfactory. The few recommended products in this article have been tried and tested. One of the most important decisions you can make before buying your gear is to have your itinerary planned in detail. 


It may be necessary to discard some equipment at one destination and purchase what you need for your next leg before you leave. Do not accumulate unnecessary gadgets that take up space and increase overall weight. Everything mentioned below has been carefully considered.


The success of your adventure can be greatly influenced by your traveling companion/s; if you are taking serious risks it is highly recommended that you only travel with members that you know. Strangers are unproven and may prove unreliable in a crisis, a negative person will also affect moral. It is always an advantage to have complementary skills, traveling together is a team effort requiring individuals to demonstrate their expertise in a variety of areas i.e. first aid, equipment knowledge, mechanics, photography, navigation etc.

Space and accessibility are important considerations when organizing equipment for your journey. The less space you have the greater the requirement to criticize your logistics without compromising safety. Prioritize how you load your gear by compartmentalizing for space efficiency and ease of accessibility. Where possible all equipment should ideally have more than one use.  


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An adventure is only worth it if you survive to tell the tale

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